Greetings from Martin County

Greetings from Martin County


In 1881 the Texas and Pacific Railroad laid tracks from Fort Worth to Sierra Blanca. Section stations were built every ten miles along the route. The one here in Martin County was called Grelton Station. In 1882 Carmelite Friars arrived at Grelton Station and established the first settlement in Martin county. They established farming and ranching by bringing basic farming tools, a wagon and mule team, seeds and their farming experiences. They initially pitched two tents where the courthouse is located today; one to live in and one for worship. In 1883 a town was surveyed and the settlement’s name was changed to Marienfeld.

The county was created from Bexar District in 1876 and organized in 1884. The county was named for Wylie Martin, Senator of the Republic of Texas.

By 1890 both town and county had become Protestant. The town’s name was changed that year to Stanton, a name chosen by the town’s school children and honoring Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War under President Abraham Lincoln.

Martin County has seen its share of both good years and bad. Today the economy revolves around agriculture (cotton and cattle) and oil production. Oil was discovered in Martin County in 1945.